Do you ever spend some time resolving a problem only to come across the same problem 6 months later, and you’ve forgotten how you solved it? This is my attempt to get down any solutions I’ve come across, primarily for my own use, but if I come across a problem I’m sure someone else out there has too, so hopefully google finds you here, and this blog helps.


Book – early access available now!

If you’ve enjoyed my posts, be sure to check out my book iOS development with Swift, coming 2017, early access program available now!

Written for experienced developers to get their head around iOS development using Xcode 8 and Swift 3.

Covers a crash course in Swift, adaptive layout, storing and managing data, connecting to web services, publishing to the App Store and much more!

What’s here?

You probably came here to resolve a specific problem – here are my most popular posts:

Swift/Objective C:

Swift API for the Flash Guy

Func parameters in Swift 3.0

Parameter defaults and Optional Function Parameters in Swift 3.0

How to invite Facebook friends to install your iOS App

Localization playing nicely with string interpolation in Swift

Multi-line SKLabels in Swift

Communication between objects in Objective C and Swift compared with ActionScript:
Part 1: Callbacks
Part 2: Actions
Part 3: Delegates
Part 4: Blocks/Closures
Part 5: Events

Easing equations in Swift

How to create a concave SKPhysicsBody

Optional parameters in methods in Objective C

Popups, Popovers, Pushing, Popping, Presenting, Alerts and Actionsheets!


Comparing Facebook/Social ANEs
7 common GOTCHAs for when you’re starting out with Flash Actionscript

About me

Going backwards in time, I come from a background in: Swift, Objective C, HTML5, Javascript, Flash(AS3), AIR, Director and Authorware!

Always enjoy playing with something new – currently playing around with Angular and Android Studio.

I work freelance, here are my details:

App developer site:www.interactivecoconut.com.
Linkedin: click here
Github profile: github.com/craiggrummitt
Flash portfolio:www.theflashstudio.com.

You can also get in touch below.

Craig Grummitt

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