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flatMap vs compactMap

In Swift 4.1, the flatMap function was divided into two functions. One kept the same name: flatMap This method flattens a sequence. Let’s say we have a two-dimensional array: We can use the flatMap higher order function to ‘flatten’ this

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Xcode 10 keyboard shortcuts cheat sheet

Getting adjusted to keyboard shortcuts takes some work, but they can boost your productivity significantly. I’ve put together a cheat sheet for a number of frequently used keyboard shortcuts in Xcode 10. I recommend you print it out, stick it

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The Mysterious Case of the Status Bar

All I wanted was two things for my status bar: I wanted it to have white text by default as it was going to be on a dark background I wanted to be able to hide it temporarily every now

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New Swift book available now, and free!

Thinking of learning more Swift, but not sure what book would be right for you? I’ve been busy compiling a book with Manning Publications, called “Exploring Swift“, which has sample chapters from three books: iOS Development with Swift by me!

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What’s up with App Icons?

When you create an image set in Xcode, it’s so easy to automatically fill the wells for each scale factor. You just need to give each the three scale factor image files the correct syntax, something like: image.png image_2x.png image_3x.png

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What’s new Swift 4.2?

The latest update of Swift 4.2 came out last week at WWDC, and it has some pretty exciting improvements. Some had me thinking ‘that’ll be useful’, some had me excited and some,¬†to be honest, had me thinking ‘FINALLY!’ Here are

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Check out my livevideo course “iOS Development with Swift in Motion”!

I’d love for you to check out my video course “iOS Development with Swift in Motion”.   The course is out on Manning’s livevideo¬†platform, and if you get in early with Manning’s early access program you can get 40% off

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