Easing equations in Swift

Something I missed when moving from AS3/JS to iOS development was the greensock tweening libraries.

Apple has some easing equations but not the extensive Penner-style library. I have found some easing classes written in Objective C and decided to take up the challenge to port a SpriteKit tweening library to Swift. I liked SpriteKit-Easing by budding monkey and have created a Swift version ‘SpriteKitEasingSwift‘.

Using this library you can generate a custom tweened property in an SKAction, and run the tween just like any other SKAction. I hope to add more properties that can be tweened in the future.

iOS development with Swift - book: https://manning.com/books/ios-development-with-swift video course: https://www.manning.com/livevideo/ios-development-with-swift-lv

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