Parsing XML in Swift 3

Parsing XML has always bothered me in Swift. The NSXMLParser class doesn’t actually parse the XML structure into Swift objects, rather it traverses the XML structure, pinging its delegate whenever it discovers something new, like an XML element or attribute, and then leaves it up to you to make something of it.

There are several solutions out there for parsing XML to Swift objects, such as AEXML or SwiftyXML, but nothing seemed to do exactly what I was after, or had problems in Swift 3.

I decided to write my own XML Parser, and I’ve called it SwiftXML. Check it out here!


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2 comments on “Parsing XML in Swift 3
  1. Hi Craig, Thanks for your develop and I would like to contribute with you, I did to extra function that I would like you will add to your develop, please let me know how can I contribute to you.

    Jaime Acevedo

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