Two FLVPlayers battle eachother with full-screen

When an FLVPlayer component contains a fullscreen button, whenever the application goes to full-screen, the component automatically shows the FLVPlayer component, even if you have set up an alternative full-screen button elsewhere. The way to prevent the component from hijacking fullscreen operations is by setting the ‘fullScreenTakeOver’ property to false:

However, when the user clicks fullscreen on the video component itself, you probably want the video to resize so when your video is relevant, don’t forget to set this property back to true.

The interesting thing is that when there are two videos in an application, only one of them wins out as the dominant take-over component, so therefore when you click full-screen on the other component, you actually see the dominant player’s video go full-screen. So, when you have two FLVPlayers in different sections, be sure that only the current FLVPlayer has ‘fullScreenTakeOver’ set to true.

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