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Migrating from AS3 to Swift

As iOS 11 no longer supports 32 bit apps, I’ve been revisiting an old app that was built in Flash/ActionScript3 (and packed in 32 bit) and decided it was an opportune moment to migrate it to native iOS Xcode/Swift. Migration

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Swift API for the Flash Guy

Flash. The ‘f’ word. At least it feels like a dirty word right? Flash really spiralled out of fashion since Steve Jobs’ famous “Thoughts on Flash” open letter five years ago. Wired posted an article last month titled “Flash.Must.Die”, the

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Best practices differences between Swift and ActionScript3

There are the obvious technical differences in Swift compared to other languages such as ActionScript – optionals, strict data typing, namespacing, syntax, etc. What I find interesting though is where there aren’t technical differences, but there are differences in approach,

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AS3 in Swift? Whaa?

This week I thought it could be an interesting exercise to write the AS3 SDK from within Swift, using SpriteKit. So I did! Remember DisplayObjects? MovieClips? EventDispatchers? gotoAndPlay? They’re back! Some might call it crazy, some might call it heresy,

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Looking back on 2014

2014 has been a great year, where I have made the transition from Flash to native iOS development and set up Interactive Coconut. Finished the year heavily involved in writing the Swift course for Thinkful, with interactive coconut in full swing,

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7 common GOTCHAs for when you’re starting out with Flash Actionscript

I was thinking the other day about the process of learning Swift and how a list of common gotchas would have been handy when starting out. Since I have about 15 years of experience in ActionScript I thought it might

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Baby Shapes available on the App Store!

New app Baby Shapes has been published on the App Store! Visual stimulation for babies! You can find the iOS version here and the Android version here.

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