The Perfect Storm – AIR iOS simulator/TLF issues

Was making changes to an app built with Flash for iOS, when I discovered that incompatibilities between the new XCode and Flash means that no longer(at the time of writing) is it possible to test or debug on the iOS simulator nor on the device. (see adobe forum posts) Usually you can pick up on problems just outputting to a SWF, but unfortunately my SWF looked fine and the IPA just sat there with a black screen, not even showing an image that was on the stage.

So – diagnosing the problem without seeing the errors was a challenge! A very weird black screen problem + not being able to see errors = the perfect storm! But in investigating the possibility of a connection with TLF Text Fields(as it was exporting ok in CC, but the design had a lot of TLF that I didn’t want to reposition) I managed to work it out – As Curtis Morley discusses in his blog, since AIR 3.5:

In AIR for iOS, TLF Text is required to be merged with your code(rather than using a Runtime Shared Library)

Worth remembering!

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