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Migrating from AS3 to Swift

As iOS 11 no longer supports 32 bit apps, I’ve been revisiting an old app that was built in Flash/ActionScript3 (and packed in 32 bit) and decided it was an opportune moment to migrate it to native iOS Xcode/Swift. Migration

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Baby Shapes available on the App Store!

New app Baby Shapes has been published on the App Store! Visual stimulation for babies! You can find the iOS version here and the Android version here.

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Comparing Facebook/Social ANEs

Setting up my cross-platform AIR app to publish to facebook/twitter was more challenging than I expected. Adobe Social ANE The Social ANE included in the Adobe Gaming SDK had three problems: Only works on iOS Not possible to force a publish

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The Perfect Storm – AIR iOS simulator/TLF issues

Was making changes to an app built with Flash for iOS, when I discovered that incompatibilities between the new XCode and Flash means that no longer(at the time of writing) is it possible to test or debug on the iOS simulator nor on the

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Publishing Android app in the Air Developer Tool

I’ve been working on an Android app lately, built in ActionScript. There’s a problem within the Flash IDE when publishing an Android app, that the icons available haven’t yet been updated to include 96×96 and 144×144. There’s been talk of

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XML read error in AIR

Back to blogging, working on a couple of projects: I was importing an XML file using the standard technique of using a URLLoader, and in the result handler, setting the XML file with: var result:XML = new XML(; But I

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