Looking back on 2015

2015 has been another great year.

Under moniker Interactive Coconut I spent a lot of time working on new app Grabble Words, which launched at the end of the year. Technically Grabble Words delved into new areas such as Sprite Kit, Parse, Notifications  and was my first full app developed entirely in Swift. I’ve made major updates to Subtitles Viewer, and added Subtitles Viewer PRO to the mix.

I’ve written more courses for Thinkful including an Objective C course and am course lead for iOS and Android. This blog has taken off too. I thought it was going well last year, but I’ve had ten times the views this year! I also have a number of interesting apps and projects lined up for 2016. Watch this space!

Here are my more popular posts of 2016:

Parameter defaults and Optional Function Parameters in Swift 2.0 – Updated from an earlier post based on Swift 1, both posts combined are up to 15,000 views!

Func parameters in Swift 2.0 – Also updated from an earlier post. There’s obviously a need out there for info on function parameters in Swift!

Swift API for the Flash Guy – Tutorial based on a framework I built called ActionSwift3 which you can check out on Github or CocoaPods. ActionSwift3 enables you to use some of the familiar AS3 API, but from built on top of what’s called the `SpriteKit` framework, within Swift.

Localization playing nicely with string interpolation in Swift

Multi-line SKLabels in Swift

Check out my related post for 2014 here.

iOS development with Swift - book: https://manning.com/books/ios-development-with-swift video course: https://www.manning.com/livevideo/ios-development-with-swift-lv

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