Looking back on 2014

2014 has been a great year, where I have made the transition from Flash to native iOS development and set up Interactive Coconut. Finished the year heavily involved in writing the Swift course for Thinkful, with interactive coconut in full swing, three apps on the App Store and two in Google Play. Subtitles Viewer has had 4000+ downloads on the App Store alone, and it has been encouraging receiving kind emails of gratitude for the app from the hearing impaired community.

Here are my most popular posts of 2014:

Swift/Objective C:

Communication between objects in Objective C and Swift compared with ActionScript:
Part 1: Callbacks
Part 2: Actions
Part 3: Delegates
Part 4: Blocks/Closures
Part 5: Events

Parameter defaults and Optional function parameters in Swift

Easing equations in Swift

How to create a concave SKPhysicsBody

Optional parameters in methods in Objective C
func parameters in Swift

Popups, Popovers, Pushing, Popping, Presenting, Alerts and Actionsheets!


Comparing Facebook/Social ANEs (Tweeted by Adobe Flash Platform)

7 common GOTCHAs for when you’re starting out with Flash Actionscript

iOS development with Swift - book: https://manning.com/books/ios-development-with-swift video course: https://www.manning.com/livevideo/ios-development-with-swift-lv

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