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Keyboards, text views and first responders

If you’re moving your app’s interface from under the keyboard when it appears, you’re probably doing the following: 1. Get a reference to the relevant text field in the UITextFieldDelegate‘s textFieldDidBeginEditing method. 2. Listen to a relevant keyboard notification (possibly

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Styling Text In Instances Of Components Using TextFormat

this is an extension of a previous entry here. Text in components or TextFields can be formatted in several ways – applying styles manually in the case of TextFields, applying a style using a TextFormat object, StyleSheets for styling html

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positioning the cursor in a text field

positioning the cursor in flash can be a little tricky and sometimes temperamental, but we should be able to control where the cursor is with setSelection, with both beginIndex and endIndex set to the same position, for example the end

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Embedding a font in a component

it took me quite a while and a variety of sources to work out how to set an embedded font for use in a comboBox component in AS3, so i thought i would record the solution for others(and myself in

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