Captivate error loop on unload

Obviously I’m working a bit with captivate files lately, my last three posts have been about the joys of using them.

My latest problem is that when I request a Loader object to unload a captivate generated swf, I immediately get a series of never-ending errors, that repeats the same thing:

TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference.     
at captivate.veela_as3::rdSwfLoader/IsParentSlidelet()     
at captivate.veela_as3::rdItem/getParentCurrFrame()     
at captivate.veela_as3::rdSwfLoader/getParentCurrFrame()     
at captivate.veela_as3::rdSwfLoader/rdSwfLoaderEnterFrame()

If I was permitted to use FlashPlayer 10 in this project I would probably try unloadAndStop() or if that didn’t work, uncaughtErrorEvents, but unfortunately this project requires Flash player 9. Nothing worked in attempting to prevent this error.

In the end I just commented out the line:


and instead just removeChild(loader) and set loader to null. For some reason the Captivate swf spits the dummy if it doesn’t have a parent.

What a baby.

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