Publishing Android app in the Air Developer Tool

I’ve been working on an Android app lately, built in ActionScript. There’s a problem within the Flash IDE when publishing an Android app, that the icons available haven’t yet been updated to include 96×96 and 144×144. There’s been talk of an update to resolve this issue for some time, but I’m not holding my breath, and there’s an alternative (shudder) command-line solution – the Air Developer Tool(ADT). If working in the command-line wasn’t a pain already, ADT is a bit of a finicky beast. So I’m writing here for future reference the steps I’ve taken to publish my Flash based app to an apk file(for testing on Android).

STEP 1: Open Terminal, add path of ADT to global path (use backslash to escape spaces)

export PATH=$PATH:/Applications/Adobe\ Flash\ CS6/air3-9_sdk_mac/bin

STEP 2: check all is good and we can access ADT:

adt -version

STEP 3: change directory to project home

cd /Users/user/Projects/source

STEP 4: run adt with all the appropriate parameters making sure all the parameters are in the correct order (i encountered errors until i moved ‘-target apk’ to before the certificate.

adt -package -target apk -storetype pkcs12 -keystore /Users/user/Development/certificates/androidCertificate.p12 -storepass password myapp.apk myapp-app.xml myapp.swf otherFiles

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