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What’s new Swift 4.2?

The latest update of Swift 4.2 came out last week at WWDC, and it has some pretty exciting improvements. Some had me thinking ‘that’ll be useful’, some had me excited and some, to be honest, had me thinking ‘FINALLY!’ Here are

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Check out my livevideo course “iOS Development with Swift in Motion”!

I’d love for you to check out my video course “iOS Development with Swift in Motion”.   The course is out on Manning’s livevideo platform, and if you get in early with Manning’s early access program you can get 40% off

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Block comments, key bindings and feeling foolish!

Do you ever get stuck on something, and then when you work out what you were doing wrong you feel a bit foolish? I was just thinking – it would be much more convenient if there was a keyboard shortcut

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Learn iOS and Swift – interactive video course

Exciting news! For most of this year I’ve been busy working on a series of video tutorials in iOS and Swift, and this week we’re launching the Manning Early Access Program(MEAP) for the course. There will be 13 units in

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Learn iOS Development with Swift now!

Exciting news – the book I have been working on for almost two years, iOS Development with Swift, is now done, published, printed and available on Amazon or in a bookstore near you. The book is aimed at experienced programmers looking

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Migrating from AS3 to Swift

As iOS 11 no longer supports 32 bit apps, I’ve been revisiting an old app that was built in Flash/ActionScript3 (and packed in 32 bit) and decided it was an opportune moment to migrate it to native iOS Xcode/Swift. Migration

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Migrating to Codable from NSCoding

For those who came in late: Apple introduced the `Codable` protocol in Swift 4, which allows you to encode and decode your model types to data types such as JSON and property lists, and can be used instead of the

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