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CS4 component icon library bug.

I’ve been wondering why items in my library disappear occasionally – including the library buttons and column headers! I’ve narrowed the problem down to a CS4 bug. Steps to reproduce bug: 1.Create a MovieClip 2. Select ‘Component Definition’ 3. Add

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stage.mouseLeave and wmode=transparent

noted a strange incompatibility today – the stage.mouseLeave event doesn’t get triggered when you hold a mouse button down, and drag off stage on a flash object which has wmode set to transparent. in fact doing so takes the focus

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An Internal Build Error has occurred…

public var interactionType:String=INTERACT_DRAG=INTERACT_FORM; This line of code just wasted 4 hours of my life. Flex didn’t notice that there was a problem, and it was only in building that a problem arose with the line ‘Classes must not be nested.’

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